6 ways to get the most out of your spray tan

Here are 6 tips to help your developed fake tan last the distance!

1. Wash with gentle, natural soaps and body wash and facial cleansers. Anything that has SLS or parabens won’t be kind to your skin & therefore your tan.

2. Try not to take really long showers or baths. Having your skin submerged for long periods of time means your skin is likely to be very hydrated and soft (normally a good thing!), so when you dry yourself, it’s easier for your tan to be rubbed off.

3. Be gentle! This goes for the following:

– no exfoliating (it will just rub your tan off)

– pat yourself dry (no rubbing) with a soft towel after your shower

– wear soft clothes which aren’t tight or rub on your body

– go easy on the sand at the beach (sand acts as an exfoliator)

4. Moisturise! Your skin needs to be nourished so it can hold onto it’s colour. When skin is dry, it flakes off easier, meaning goodbye to your tan.

5. Moisturise with the right creams. This includes facial moisturisers too. Anything with parabens, acne medication, or chemical ingredients is more likely to eat away at your tan. Stick to rich body butters from quality brands, which have botanical ingredients.

6. Shave with a sharp razor and nourishing shave cream, so the razor doesn’t “drag” and potentially takes your tan off. Again, be aware of using more natural ingredients for the shave cream. I often use goats milk soap (with no parabens or SLS).

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