Hi! Thanks for visiting. I’m Jazmin and Tan Stylist is my Spray Tan business.

I used to be based in Mona Vale, however I’ve recently sold my house and will be staying with family until mid- February (2020). Unfortunately this means I’m not easily able to do spray tans over the Christmas and New Year season.

It’s worth a try to see if I can manage a tan at my family’s house, or I could give you a quote for a mobile tan. So please text me on 0421 655 405 and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I’d love to hear from you and answer any questions about spray tanning you may have.

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I know there are a lot of tanning salons in the Northern Beaches, but here’s what you’ll get if you book a spray tan with me :

  • Friendly service
  • Over 9 years experience tanning women of all ages & sizes
  • A natural looking tan – customised to be deep or light
  • Premium, natural tanning solution Sunescape : a cult favourite of celebrities & make-up artists
  • Tan lasts for a week or longer and fades naturally
  • Added vitamins, anti-oxidants and oils hydrate your skin
  • Last minute bookings welcome
  • 30 min appointment (plenty of time to dry before getting re-dressed)
  • A PDF for How to Prepare for – and keep – your tan
  • Availability Monday to Friday : 6am – 8:45pm / Saturday is available too.

Prices are $35 per tan, which gives you two full coats of an organic, premium tanning solution, which allows you to shower after 2 hours while your tan keeps developing. More information about booking a tan with me can be found in prices, bookings, and FAQ’s, or the menu above. Feel free to call me on 0421 655 405 for a friendly chat.

My Story about Spray Tanning  :

I have over 9 years experience in spray tanning and love helping women (and myself!)  achieve that pride in and take pride in my flawless technique and using the best faux tan products in Australia.

How I got started :

I’d always loved the look of tanned skin. Nothing that beats that sunkissed, healthy glow in my opinion, and I’d always be the “tanned one”, even though I’m naturally quite pale. I spent hours applying DIY tan creams that took multiple coats and days to develop how I wanted them to.

In late 2008, I began to notice girls with beautiful tanned skin, who claimed they’d had spray tans. Previously I’d associated spray tans with trashy celebrities who resembled oompa loompas. Technology of faux tans had obviously changed, and I wanted in!

I found a local spray tan technician offering to train a few girls and signed up. My first spray tan was in front of 5 strangers in our training session. Naked. So fun!

Anyway, after feeling confident I knew the basics, I enlisted friends, neighbours and family to practice my skills on.

I was actually pretty good right from the start, but I kept attending more training and tested endless spray tan products from all over the world on myself & friends before I was ready to start charging customers.

I also thoroughly researched all aspects of the faux tan industry, wanting to know all there was about spray tanning so I could give excellent advice, and was equipped to start a business – aware of all my responsibilities.

In mid 2009, I finally launched my business! I did mobile visits and had clients at my home. By 2010 I was applying tans in a specially tiled room my husband and I designed –  exclusively built for the business.

For those of you who knew my business as “Belleza Body” (meaning beautiful body in Spanish) I’ve updated it for “Tan Stylist”. Much more easy to pronounce.

What makes me a good Tan Technician? :

First of all, I’m an artist, so I have a keen eye for detail, colour, and composition. My Dad’s a professional Artist too, so not only have I inherited his artistic skills, he taught me how to use an airbrush, so spray tanning felt natural from the start.

Tanning someone means managing the flow of the solution, angling the gun so the spray hits the right curves of the body, and pulling back the gun on areas of the body I don’t want much coverage on (like the ankles).

I’m also a self-taught make-up artist, and have a professional background in fashion design, so I have a good understanding of body contours and colour.

This has helped me identify where to coat thoroughly and where to apply restraint, ie. I know which areas of the body can handle heavier feathering, and where to apply restraint. This results in a natural looking spray tan.

I also taught other women how how to spray tan, and the theory behind spray tanning in workshops for one of my suppliers.

What do I love about this job?

I love giving women that feeling of health and vitality a healthy tan offers. I personally feel like a new woman whenever I have a tan, and love getting complimented on how healthy I look.

It makes your eyes & teeth whiter, picks up highlights in your hair, allows you to wear colours and clothes that you might only wear in summer (or never, because they wash you out!).

It slims you down and smooths over lumps and bumps, creating a svelte, athletic look. Maybe that’s just what I experience, but I know most women feel a little different for the better when they’ve got a tan.

As women, we all have insecurities buzzing around in our minds every day : “Is this dress ok? Do I look as pretty as her? Does this top make me look big?”. If I can take a tiny amount of that away by replacing the sense of freedom, vitality & confidence a tan can give, that’s a pretty rewarding job in my opinion.

If you’d like to experience what it’s like to have a gorgeous sunkissed tan, call or text me on 0421 655 405 to enquire or have a chat about the process.

Other fun facts about me :

When I’m not giving glowing spray tans, I work on my other business, a women’s active apparel company which I also create my own textile patterns for.

I’m currently learning to pole dance with my sister.

I recently started yoga (and love it!) after years of rolling my eyes at the word namaste.

I’m a bit of a podcast geek and love learning about strange science facts & all things-growing a business.

I love a mixed bag of music including spanish & cuban music, classical piano and dirty hip hop & rnb (especially old school stuff like Missy Elliot).

I love to dance like like a big goofball when I’m home alone.

I could probably win a Sex and the City trivia game.

If you’re still reading and would like to enquire about a tan with me, call or text on 0421 655 405. I’d love to hear any questions you might have about getting a spray tan.