Hi there, thanks for visiting. I’m Jazmin and Tan Stylist is my Spray Tan business based in Warriewood, Australia.

I know there are a lot of tanning salons in the Northern Beaches, but here’s what you’ll get if you book a spray tan with me :

  • Friendly service
  • 6 years experience of spray tanning women of all ages & sizes
  • A tan that actually looks like a natural tan
  • A long lasting tan that stays with you for the best part of a week
  • A 30 min appointment (means time to dry before getting re-dressed)
  • Organic spray tan solution that’s good for your skin
  • Appointments in my home salon (a customised room for tanning, which is a private & separate entry from the house)
  • Contact me anytime with questions before and/or after your tan
  • A PDF of the best ways to prepare for & keep your tan
  • Appointments can be Monday – Friday between 6am – 8:45pm / Saturday is available too.

Prices are $39 per tan, which gives you two full coats of an organic, premium tanning solution, which allows you to shower after 2 hours while your tan keeps developing.

jazmin tan stylist headshotMore information about booking a tan with me can be found in prices, bookings, and FAQ’s, or the menu above. Feel free to call me on 0421 655 405 for a friendly chat.


More about me :

I have over 6 years experience in spray tanning, have taught workshops in the field, and take pride in my flawless technique, and using the best faux tan products in Australia.

I got started in the tanning industry because I’d always loved the look of tanned skin, and committed many hours to carefully applying DIY tan creams. Back then spray tans had a bad rep for being orangey-nightmares that most girls stayed away from.

In late 2008, I began to notice girls with beautiful, natural looking tanned skin, who claimed they’d had spray tans. Technology of faux tans had come a long way, and I wanted in!

Knowing I had an artistic background, including make-up application and being a fashion designer, I was confident this would be something I could do as a profession (with the added perk of tanning myself!).

My first spray tan was in front of 5 of my peers at a training session, and having 5 girls staring at my naked body while someone sprayed me for the first time was strange.

Anyway, after feeling confident I knew the basics, I enlisted friends, neighbours and family to practice my skills on.

“I was the 3rd person she’d given a spray tan to, and it (my tan) was pretty near perfect! A little light, as I think she was so worried I’d end up too dark, “ says Sandy Lyns, my neighbour.

I attended more training, tested endless spray tan products from all over the world on myself & friends, and thoroughly researched all aspects of the faux tan industry. I wanted to know all there was to know about spray tanning, not only to give my clients the best advice, but to make sure I was properly equipped to start a spray tan business, and be aware of the responsibilities that came with it.

In mid 2009, I launched my business under the name Belleza Body, and begun attracting clients. I started out doing mobile visits and having clients come to my home, where I had a small room set up.

By 2010 I was applying tans to clients in a tiled room my husband and I had designed within our house, exclusively built for the tanning business, overlooking my backyard.

For those of you who knew my business as “Belleza Body” (meaning beautiful body in Spanish) I’ve updated it for “Tan Stylist”. Much more easy to pronounce, (and less weird!).

When I’m not giving glowing spray tans, I work on my other business, a women’s active apparel company.


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