How to prepare for a spray tan

Because DHA only affects the outermost cells of the epidermis, there is a strong emphasis on exfoliation prior to your spray tan. The thicker the layer of dead skin cells, the sooner the tan will rub off, and can become streaky & patchy. Exfoliation causes a newer, more solid layer which takes a lot longer to be scuffed off.

Exfoliating :

Baths are great to remove dead skin cells, but if you don’t have time, set aside a good amount of time to scrub all the dead skin away using an exfoliation glove, pre-tanning mitt, or a oil-free scrub.

Please do not use a scrub that will leave your skin oily or greasy before your appointment – the oil will stop the tan absorbing and developing!

In the shower pay close attention to exfoliating dry areas and parts that bear constricting clothing such as bra lines, bikini line, underarms, ankles, feet & toes, hands, knees, elbows, etc.

See bottom of page for my exfoliating glove recommendations.

So when should I have this exfoliating shower/bath?

Preferably a few of hours before or the morning of your appointment. Your skin will be a little sensitive after all that scrubbing, so it’s good to let it calm down a little before we apply the tan.

If you’re coming from work, that morning or even the night before is fine.

Please wash away make-up, moisturiser, oils, deodorant before you arrive for your tan.

Please pay special attention to anti-perspirant deodorant. It reacts with the tanning solution, leaving a tell-tale greenish tinge. This isn’t permanent, but it creates a slight barrier for the tanning solution, which may result in a patchy underarm.

Shaving or Waxing

Waxing must be done 24 hours prior to your spray tan.

Shaving should be done a couple of hours at least before your tan appointment.

When you wax, you are exposing the hair follicle, meaning the tanning solution will sometimes sit in the pore, and darken, resulting in tiny spots all over your legs/arms, bikini line, however this is sometimes inevitable and cannot be helped (I myself shave right before I do my tans sometimes, and get the little darker dots on my legs, but it’s hardly noticeable).

Exfoliating Gloves I recommend :

I recommend this nifty little mit “Magic Peeling Glove” to slough away dead skin cells and also get rid of any pesky left-over tan :

It’s a mit that exfoliates better than anything else I’ve tried. I bought this YEARS ago – and although it says to replace it regularly – I still find it works incredibly well.

It’s about $40-45. I don’t know of any shops that sell it but you can buy it online from a few retailers like

Or there’s this one from Eco-Tan which seems to be quite similar (and cheaper at $19). Probably the one I would get if I didn’t want to spend that much.