How to look after your tan

The next 2 – 5 hours after your tan…

The immediate colour you see is called the colour guide. This could be blue for all the good it does. It’s designed to be bronze so you feel like you’re an instant golden goddess, and I can see how evenly covered you are. This will come off on your clothes, but don’t worry, it is not the real tan. The real tan will have already absorbed and will be working it’s magic!

Avoid strenuous activity causing you to perspire and resulting in an uneven tan. Limit exposure to water, such as dishwashing, laundry, washing hands (be careful not to wet the top of hands). We recommend washing hands with a damp face cloth & soap so you have control over where the water goes.

Showering after the development time:

Shower after 2 – 5 hours, using a gentle shower gel or soap and lather skinwith hands or a soft puff (stay away from the ingredients listed on the table Other things that affect your spray tan).

You may be surprised to see the brown colour guide washing away, and your skin looking as though nothing has changed. This is normal. Your tan isn’t meant to develop fully within the couple of hours after application, and the colour guide is meant to wash away.

You can now go about your day or night, knowing your tan will keep developing over the next 12 hours.

Please be gentle with your skin when drying yourself (after this shower and every shower). Pat dry skin with a soft towel, and moisturise immediately.

When will my tan be fully developed?

After about 7 hours you will be merrily bronzed, but will keep developing a golden tan for sometimes up to 24 hours.

This is why I recommend getting a tan 1 or 2 days before you want it/for your special event.

Moisturiser :

You must, must must keep your skin moisturised at all times with a fake tan! Dry skin is more likely to flake off, and create a patchy tan, so keep your skin well nourished so the tan “sticks” for longer!

Be careful with moisturisers which contain lots of chemicals as they can erode your tan. Stick to the naturally based ones for best results.

Waxing and shaving :

Waxing is not recommended during the life of your tan. Shaving, if done lightly and quickly, using a sharp razor, (and infrequently as possible) will not affect your tan too much.

As mentioned in table of “General factors that affect your spray tan’s life & quality”, if you stay away from those factors and keep moisturising your skin, be gentle with it when you dry yourself after a shower or swim, you and your tan should have a very happy life together!