The colour of your Tan

I specialise in giving natural looking tans. You know the one, the kind that are applied weekly to that friend of yours who always looks like she spends every weekend sunning herself at Shelley?

We use a medium to dark solution which can be feather-light for anyone wanting a light tan. This also adds a nice depth of colour for anyone wanting a noticeable tan.

Just to let you know what I consider to be a natural tan, I’ve added some pics below to show you what I really want for my clients :

natural kate moss spray tan.jpg16940ae92478eeaf11bfa32f9c38dc4d.jpg28a300830954f9757f8b68bf30f58ab3.jpgnatural fitness spray tans.jpgfb02ddb9cc494662cf2db8c6de8b1783.jpg

The before and after shot of Megan Fox above is a great example of what a natural looking spray tan can offer.

As for the darker versions.. well, I usually don’t stock extremely dark tans, simply because no one asks for them, and to be honest, they don’t always look very good.

As explained in our FAQ section, applying a tan solution that is too dark for your skin will simply turn you orange, not darker.

Here are some tans I would never give my clients :

795869-bad-celebrity-tans.jpgcompetition fake tans.jpgdonald trump bad fake tan.jpg7bc8d38e85b8a6c93fc1d76d5d71d49f.jpg

Now you understand what you’re going to get, and you and I are hopefully on the same wavelength about what a natural tan should look like.




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