The colour of your Tan

I specialise in giving natural looking tans, and to me, that means looking like you’ve come back from a tropical holiday. A healthy, glowing suntan is what I help my clients achieve.

I use Sunescape I use a medium to dark solution, which works perfectly for achieving a deeply natural sunkissed tan, but can also be applied feather-light for anyone wanting a light tan.

Just to let you know what I consider to be a natural tan, I’ve added some pics below to show you the kind of tan I provide for my clients :


These models have been tanned using Sunescape (the product I use) :

sunescape-model27Summer beautyScreen Shot 2017-09-28 at 7.56.06 pm

I have darker solution but I don’t stock extremely dark tans, simply because no one asks for them, and they don’t always look very good.

As explained in our FAQ section, applying a tan solution that is too dark for your skin will simply turn you orange, not darker.

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